Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Very Best Quotes of 2005 Dodgers

整理了一下,在這個歲末的時期,個人挑了幾個2005年身為Dodger fan尤其不應錯過的quote來分享,並預祝所有的人在新的2006年事事如意。

Need a Translator?

What I wonder is, if you give him too much left-handed pitching, do you mess up what he's doing against right-handed pitching?
--Jim Tracy, Ex-manager, 05/13/2005

這個是Jim Tracy在談到Hee Seop Choi時所提及的comment,可能是我的英文太爛,事隔數月仍然不知道這段話是什麼意思!?

Either a Liar or a Dumbo

Is he a .350 hitter? I don't know. Do you expect him to be? No. Will he get hot again? Yeah.
--Jim Tracy, Ex-manager, 06/29/2005

只有Jim Tracy願意用這麼多的PAs去照顧像Izzy這種把球棒當拿香在拜的SS。如果說Yankee fans大罵Torre錯用Womack為二棒,那Tracy錯用Izzy為一棒在相形之下就更不能原諒。

Making his "Screw Fans, Screw Fans" Speech

There's not one idiot out there that can reach over and grab the ball?
--Jason Phillips, Ex-catcher, 07/02/2005

Phillips 在這天差點擊出一支追平的兩分HR,但是這個球恰巧落進左外野觀眾席,D'Backs的老將 Gonzalez半個身體卡在觀眾席裡接到了這個球,賽後Phillips對著「Attend at 3rd, leave at 8th」的左外野Dodger fans做出如是的發言。然而home town的player去責怪home town的fans,這怎麼看都不對勁。

Gonzalez在賽後對這些沒和他搶球的Dodger fans則是讚譽有加....


The Dodgers are playing just well enough to lose.
--Steve Lyons, Commentator, 07/07/2005


不過Lyons這段話的背景卻是發生在Coors Field,該役Dodgers在前兩局就以5比0領先,但最後以5比8輸了球....

There's No Spoon

The problem is, he doesn't know how to deal with African-American people. I think that's what's causing everything.
--Milton Bradley, Ex-OF, 08/24/2005

Bradley這話是講Jeff Kent。通常只有本來就是racist的人才會說別人也是racist。

Lactose Joke

It's kind of ridiculous that you get a 10-game suspension for steroids and a six-game suspension for milk.
--Brad Penny, Pitcher, 08/25/2005

Penny在Dolphins Stadium和bat-boy小賭了一把。好像是如果那位小弟喝下4加侖的牛奶又沒吐出來的話,Penny就輸100元美金的樣子。事後這位bat-boy被罰禁賽6場。

Play Innocent

That's a lie. A Big Fat lie. I'm really upset about this; I'm not going to stand for this — you'll see. I'll take a lie detector test tomorrow; I have never talked to rival scouts or executives about DePodesta. I've been in the guy's corner from Day 1. God almighty, how can they say that about me?
--Tommy Lasorda, Special Advisor, 08/31/2005

人說謊的次數會與年齡成正比(廢話!),而且,也可能與體重成正比(In Lasorda's case, it is.)。

All We Need...

It was a great game. We did everything we could to win the game to avoid being swept.
--Jim Tracy, Ex-manager, 09/04/2005

In fact, we were swept...

So what Tracy's talking about is even being swept can be very great because we did everything to avoid being swept. And we did everything to win the game except actually win the game. WTH....

The Worst Demonstration

We're the fucking Dodgers. We should be like the Yankees. The Yankees don't rebuild. They go out and get what they need to win.... I don't want to be here if we're just going to play kids and rebuild. Yeah, I put my name on a contract, and I respect that. But the Dodgers' logo was on top of that contract—not the Milwaukee Brewers or the Las Vegas 51s. It's an embarrassment to the city. It's an embarrassment to the fans. It's and embarrassment to everyone who came before us and wore the Dodger unfirom to have a year like this.
--Eric Gagne, Pitcher, 10/04/2005

一年拿8M、然後只在active roster上了不到30天班的人,從哪裡來的臉在公開場合打這種嘴砲?


Update Dec.29 AM 01:05

2005 LA DLers Review

友台的Madboy兄表示:2005年的「Game Over」在active roster上的活動時間正好是30天。


Shot Someone's Back

Because chemistry is a big piece of building a baseball team.
--Frank McCourt, Owner, 11/16/2005





Ned Colletti is expected to meet with J.D. Drew this week at Dodger Stadium, and somebody should remind the new general manager to take extreme caution when shaking hands with the outfielder. A pat on the shoulder is not advised, either.
--Steve Henson, Times Staff Writer, 11/30/2005

本年度LA Times讓個人最欣賞的一段話。

Blame Game Never Ends...

They made up their minds to go with Jeff Kent. They wanted the old man instead of the young man.
--Milton Bradley, Ex-OF, 12/13/2005



madboy said...

Gagne剛好上了30天班...球季184天(參照Darren "55M" Dreifort),他老兄待DL154天。


Morikawa said...



cheeseburger said...

Hee Seop Choi has a higher avg against right-handed pitching right? I think Jim tracy is trying to say if he gives Hee Seop Choi more at-bats against left-handed pitching, he is afraid of messing up his avg against right-handed pitching

Morikawa said...

I agree with you, Cheeseburger. But I rather take that comment as an execute to make Choi a bench player.

ghkj said...

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