Sunday, September 09, 2007

Death Sentence: Los Angeles Dodgers

Nomar Garciaparra 回到了 starting lineup 兩場,Dodgers 也在 AT&T Park 掉了兩場,而我們在談論的是一個 OPS .68x 且傷勢尚未復原的 3B。問題在於:假使 Nomar 打得和 Alber Pujols 或 Miguel Cabrera 一樣好,那麼個人完全同意把非 100% 的 Nomar 放回 starting lineup,但要達到這個標準,Nomar 至少要提昇目前的 OPS 200 ~ 250 points,如果這不是事實,任何人都會把 starting 'current' Nomar at third 當成一個很不好笑的笑話。

因此就攻擊面,Starting Nomar is completely out of question;至於守備面....就算 Andy La Roche 不是首選,Tony Abreu、Ramon Martinez 也應該在 Nomar 之前,個人可以理解 Grady Little 只讓 sprained knee 的 Russell Martin 休息一天就重新塞回 starting lineup 的決定,但 Nomar?

Plus -- 雖然這個理由不夠充份 -- old school 的 Little 在做決定時好歹也看一下 split stats 吧?Nomar 07 年在 home / away 的 OPS 是 .816 / .550 (AB: 196 / 205)。

What on earth did Little think he needed Nomar at AT&T Park?

我相信目前的 Dodgers 完全符合了個人季初的期待,雖然在過程上有些曲折,但 Grady Little 終究完成了 07 年最大的成就 -- 把一支擁有 best competency 的 Dodgers 送上死路,以他這種 pigheadedness,03 年在 Boston 被火掉應該也是死有餘辜。

Just get ready for the winter vacation, bravo!


Kumi said...


Morikawa said...


1. Free-Swinger 到了一定年紀後,成績的下滑會和飛機推頭俯衝一樣快,Nomar 就是 Free-Swinger (期待 Juan Pierre 的俯衝吧!)。

2. 有傷不報。

3. 他在 07 年球季前剛好得到了一對雙胞胎,初為人父的人 "通常" 在事業與家庭間不易取得平衡,很容易兩頭空。

話說回來,Nomar 在 06 年也只打好了兩個月而已... said...

謝海倫也曾經是全星星選手呀 XDDD

Morikawa said...

Dufflin 老大....

謝海倫應該不算 Dodgers 近來最慘的全星星,Cesar Izturis 和 Lance Carter 遠遠的將他抛在後面。

問題是這些全 "鳥" 星都有機會穿 Dodgers 的球衣...

Wilson said...


I feel like Nomar at this point is just living on his career. That late 90s Nomar that hits 330 with 30hr is never coming back.... you see it, I see it, everyone else sees it... except for our moronic GM/Manager combo....



Morikawa said...


Speaking of Nomar, in fact, he only played two months A-ball in 2006. Since then, all he had done for LA was two lucky walk-off shots in the late 06 regular season. This seemed to be the main reason Ned signed Nomar a 2-yeaer 19M deal with a full NTC.

Nevertheless, with the ridiculously bad performance this season, have you ever seen anybody on Daily News or LA times picking Nomar? IIRC, none! And I'm sorry I can't figure out why...

Personally, I hope Nomar is able to repeat his 07 performance in 08 so that the circumstance may boost Ned to thoroughly dump him in 08 offseason.

Anyway, I feel better that at least there's someone thinking what I'm thinking, thanx a lot.