Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Very Best Quotes of 2006 Dodgers

最近工作實在太忙,不知不覺中就來到了 07 年,在經過了一些零碎時間的整理,按慣例還是選出了以下這些在 06 年最有趣或是最有問題 (questionable) 的 quotes,裡頭難免有遺珠之憾,不過還是看一看、笑一笑吧:

Professor Lofton

I may not get a hit, but you'll see me playing hard. You see my outs, they will be quality outs.
- Kenny Lofton, Mar. 4

Can someone please bring me a translator?

Use Your Bat, Not Eyes
Since the beginning of Spring Training I've been working with Eddie Murray on being aggressive and hitting the ball before it crosses the plate, and it's made a big difference for me.
- Sandy Alomar, Apr. 9

Reasonably explain why Alomar's OBP has never been higher than his AVG as he was a Dodger.

His(Jae Seo) velocity is the same as Greg Maddux. What's the difference? Location.
- Grady Little, Apr. 23

Speaking of all of the pitchers in ML are actually inches away from becoming a HOFer.

True Love
I'm glad he's (Brett Tomko) no longer with the Giants; every fifth day was Halloween.
- Donna Tomko, May, 12

I guess as Tomko becomes a Dodger, every fifth day turns to be Thanksgiving....from the point of our opponents.

Day to Give up Runs
I'm going to give up runs. Today just happened to be a bad day to do it.
- Joe Beimel, Jun. 5

Happened to be a bad day to give up runs, which implies there are also good days to give up runs.

Use Your Glove, Not Bat
Even on nights when he (Cesar Izturis) doesn't get any hits, it's like he's driving in runs with his glove, that means as much to us as a guy hitting .350.
- Grady Little, Jul. 14

Kiss my a*s...

Good Riddance
You know, the team (Royals) is a bad team. But I could be happy there because I can be the ace on staff.
- Odalis Perez, Jul. 25

Hey! Royals has their rights to have a better ace (Gil Meche!?).

Grandpa's Wisdom
"So, Izturis doubled, Hendrickson walked, miracle upon miracle."
- Vin Scully, Jul. 30

Digging at Ned Colletti and Grady Little simultaneously?

That's What Pitchers Do
He's (Claudio Vargas) got a baseball, fastball, curve and change.
- Vin Scully, Aug. 26

Sure Vargas does get a BASEBALL...

Tell Me about That
You get into the postseason winning the division or via the Wild Card.
- Grady Little, Sep. 10

Uh...I don't think telling the playoff eligibility is that difficult.

One-Third Can Be No Awaful Lot
Pierre gets on base an awful lot.
- Ned Colletti, Nov. 20

Substitute the words "on base" to "outs", then Ned's quote becomes make sense.

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